Rules and Conditions of Membership
  1. Membership will run from 1st October to 30th September each year.
  2. Membership renewal becomes due on the 1st day of October each year.
  3. If payment is not received by 31st December the Membership Secretary will write to the member concerned giving 14 days notice of forfeit of membership.
  4. Upon expiry of the 14 days grace and no renewal payment received, that members membership is deemed forfeit.
  5. Should exceptional conditions prevail and come to the notice of the committee; the committee shall have complete discretion to suspend forfeiture of membership and grant renewal of membership for one year.
  6. Any previous member of the Club wishing to use Wardown Park Lake can, at the discretion of the committee, pay a one pound fee and sign in as a day member.
  7. The committee shall grant a total of three 'day memberships' to any previous member before they must become a full member again.
  8. Deliberate non-payment of membership fee and continued use of Wardown Park Lake is forbidden and no 'day memberships' will be allowed.
  9. All 'day memberships' must be entered into the book dedicated for that purpose.
  10. No Junior membership is available on a 'sole use' basis. Junior members must be part of a Family Membership group.
  11. Junior members automatically become Adult members on their 18th birthday and therefore at the next membership renewal must pay the Full membership fee.
  12. The membership fee may be altered from time to time at the discretion of the management committee. Three months notice of any change in membership fee will be given in writing to all members.
  13. It is a condition of membership that Third Party Public Liability Insurance cover be carried by all members of the Club. This cover must extend to all members of a family group.
  14. Membership of the Club is at the discretion of the management committee and the Club reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time.
  15. The Club will be self governing by the election each year of a management committee.
  16. Any matters relating to the policy or rules of the Club will be placed before the membership before any decisions are taken.
  17. Any matters relating to the policy or rules of the club will be dicussed at an Extraodinary General Meeting called for that purpose. All members will be notified in writing 14 days before the date of any such meeting. All members will be offered the facility of a proxy vote for any such meetings.
  18. Only Adult members of the Club will be eligible to vote on any motion proposed at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  19. The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) of the Luton and District Model Boat Club will be held on the first available evening in September.
  20. Nominations for committee membership must be received no later than 28 days before the posted date for the A.G.M.
  21. Any motions and/or proposals to be placed before the A.G.M. must be detailed in writing and sent to the Secretary of the Club no later than 28 days before the date of the A.G.M.
  22. Only Adult members may vote on any motions proposed at the A.G.M.
  23. The accounts of the Luton and District Model Boat Club must be presented at the A.G.M. or published within 28 days of that A.G.M.
  24. A full audited Balance Sheet of the finances of the Club will be made available to the membership no later than the 1st day of November each year.
  25. The term of office for the committee shall be from September to September. Up to three additional members can be voted onto the committee during the year if the Club feels that there is a need for this to take place.
  26. The committee shall at all times be accountable to the club members for its actions.
  27. All members are obliged to comply with any lawful instruction issued while taking part in events staged by the Club or whilst on land or water controlled by the Club for the puposes of the Club's activities.
  28. Adult members must be responsible at all times for the safety and behaviour of all Junior members covered by their Family membership application. This also applies to any registered guests invited by the a club member to attend any activity staged by the Club. All such guests must be covered by Third Party Insurance and it is the duty of the member responsible to ensure that his/her visitor(s) sign as a day member and wear the pass provided.
  29. An 'Officer of the Day' shall be elected for each days sailing.
  30. As the Club has sole use of the lake and hard-standing, any offenders interfering with the club's legal and proper activities shall be reported to the Council.
  31. Protective clothing should be worn at all times when entering the lake. Waders and Life Preservers must be worn. (See Rules and Conditions for use of Wardown Park Lake)
  32. Rapid charging of Nicad batteries will be allowed ONLY in the area designated for that purpose.
  33. Boiler Certificates must be available for inspection for any craft powered by steam plants.
  34. It is a condition of membership that all members receive and sign a copy of these rules. Adult members are responsible for explaining these rules to any Junior members within their family group.
  35. All dogs MUST be kept on a lead and secured when inside the compound.

Rules and Conditions for use of Wardown Park Lake
These conditions have been laid out by Luton Borough Council in the licence
granting us permission to use the Wardown Park lake.
  1. For safety reasons there MUST be a minimum of 2 members present at any one time to use the lake.
  2. Only Sail, Electric and Steam models are permitted. No Internal Combustion powered models are allowed.
  3. There is a special parking dispensation for less able bodied members who are in possession of a BLUE parking badge. Up to four Blue Badge holders may park alongside the lake during normal club activities. Other Club members are allowed to drive to the lakeside for loading and unloading only.
  4. A strict 5mph speed limit operates in the park and hazard warning lights must be switched on whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  5. The Club has special dispensation to park at the Lakeside several times a year for special events such as Open Days and Evening Sail meetings. All vehicles should be parked in a roped off area.
  6. Safety Equipment must be used at the lakeside as in Club Rule 31.(Protective clothing should be worn at all times when entering the lake. Waders and Life Preservers must be worn.)
  7. A fire extinguisher must be kept in the Bathing Hut at all times.
  8. A condition of use of the lake and the facilities such as the Bathing Hut is that the Club name must remain as Luton & District Model Boat Club.
  9. Transmitter radio aerials must have some form of protection at the tip, so as to protect Club members and Public alike. If required the Club Secretary can supply plastic golf balls for this specific purpose.
  10. Members MUST carry their membership cards at all times when sailing at the Lake.
  11. No vehicles may drive over or past the bridge adjacent to the compound.

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