Luton & District​ ​Mod​​​el​ Boat Club

Chairmans Challenge

Traditionally each year the Club Chairman sets a Challenge to all members to build a boat to an unlikely specification and for their efforts to be judged on a specified day by taking part in a sailing demonstration of their efforts on Wardown Park Lake.

 This year is no exception and the Challenge is there for any member brave enough to risk their reputation as a model boat builder. The Challenge this year will again by judged by our Chairman, Terry Martin.

The Challenge for this year is as follows:-


  Your Boat may be powered however you desire.

  Your Boat may be constructed however you please but construction MUST include the following

  1. One Plank of Wood 18" x 5" x 3/4". To be used whole, neither cut nor trimmed.

  2. One Plastic Food Container of your choice.

  3. One or more spoons of any variety or quantity.

   4. One Tennis Ball.

  Judging took place during the Sunday Morning sail on Sunday 1st May. (See below)

Only three members were brave enough to accept the challenge this year.
Taken from the left, the entrants were: 
1. John Allen's Paddle powered pirate ship. Considered by many to be top heavy which proved to be correct when the ship capsized within seconds of launching.
2. Tony Martin's outboard powered surfboard complete with outriggers and plastic spoon sail.
3. Bob Vaughan's Airboat with wooden spoon rudders and table tennis ball stabilisers.

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