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The Club has been fortunate in having amongst its members a number of 'scribes' who have contributed many articles of interest over the years.. The Club Magazine has also been edited and published for a large portion of this time by our Press Officer Tony Dalton. Tony has decided that the time has come to sit back and put his feet up and relax. Some people call it retirement. Over the years the magazine has earned a reputation for being a quality product, full of interesting historical, modern and informative articles on all aspects of model boating and allied subjects. The magazine has been running since the birth of the club and although many changes have taken place to it during that time, the magazine has always been an important part of the club. The 'Latest Issue' for Autumn 2023, linked to below, is for the moment the last of the line. We all wish Tony a happy retirement.

All is not lost though. The Archive will remain on line and don't forget we now have a Facebook page which may be accessed via a link on this website 'Home Page'. This is updated regularly by several members and is a good source of current news. Enjoy!

The Latest issue of the Magazine or Archived Copies may be downloaded and printed using the links below.
Latest Issue Magazine Archive