Luton & District​ ​Mod​​​el​ Boat Club

Lakeside Sailing

Our home lake is in Wardown Park, Luton. Luton Borough Council allow the Club access to the lake at any time providing there are two or more club members present. The Council also provide us with storeage facilities for such things as tables, the floating harbour, navigation buoys, generator etc. We also have access to our own private toilet. Sailing is all year round on Sunday mornings from about 10am. we also have sailings on Wednesday mornings by prior arrangement for members who wish to sail mid-week.

No internal combustion powered boats are allowed due to the wildlife resident on the lake. Electric, Steam and Wind Powered boats are allowed to sail without restriction in the main sailing area. 'Fast Electric' boats are allowed but there are certain restrictions to their sailing. These restrictions concern the area of the lake that they are allowed to sail. Full details can be found in the 'Members' section of this website under 'Club Rules, 'Sailing Protocol'.

Visitors are welcome at any time club members are present, and are encouraged to bring along a boat and sail so long as they introduce themselves first. Due to Council Regulations and insurance restrictions no sailing is allowed by any member of the public unless club members are present.

 We do hold a number of 'Open Days' during the summer season. The 'Open Days' themselves tend to be light hearted and are usually combined with 'public open days' where we encourage the public to participate in our hobby. These events normally include a club barbeque. We also have a number of 'Evening Sails' during the year usually on a summer Monday evening coinciding with the monthly 'Club Night's.