Luton & District​ ​Mod​​​el​ Boat Club

Club Magazines

The Club is fortunate in having amongst its members a number of 'scribes'. The Club Magazine is currently edited and published by the Press Officer. The magazine has a reputation for being a quality product, full of interesting historical, modern and informative articles on all aspects of model boating and allied subjects. The magazine has been running since the birth of the club and although many changes have taken place to it during that time, the magazine has always been an important part of the club. 

The number of pages varies from issue to issue, all containing articles and items of great interest. Publication dates do vary, mainly because of pressure of work, but it always manages to appear (almost on time) every quarter. For information on how to contribute to the magazine please contact the Press Officer.  As you can imagine, the bulk of the contribution effort for the magazine falls on a few willing shoulders so all new contributors are greatly welcomed!!!

The Current issue of the Magazine or Archived Copies may be downloaded and printed using the links below.
Current Issue Magazine Archive