Luton & District​ ​Mod​​​el​ Boat Club

Hints and Tips

       From time to time Club Members come up with various Hints and Tips which turn out to be useful to other members. In an attempt to collate some of this knowledge and make it available in one place, a number of articles covering various diciplines of Model Making have been brought together here.

To download the various articles 'Click' on the appropriate     button.

These articles are mainly in .pdf format and may be printed if required by using the 'Print' button on the downloaded page. To return to this page close the 'Tab' at the top of the displayed page.

Article Description Link
Airbrush Essentials A guide to Airbrush types and basic operation.  
Battery Basics Information on various types of battery  
Battery Connectors A simple guide to Battery Connectors.  
Electric Motors (Brushed) A Guide to the types of Brushed Electric Motors  
LED's Part 1 Technical details of LEDs.   
LED's Part 2 Practical uses of LEDs.  
Radio Controlled Switch Build your own Radio Controlled Switch  
Slow Sweep Servo Slow sweep servo drive for Gun control.