Luton & District​ ​Mod​​​el​ Boat Club

Club Rules

As with most hobby clubs it is necessary to have some rules and conditions of membership to allow the club to operate to the benefit of its members. In our case a set of rules has evolved over time that allows our hobby to be enjoyed by the members with few, if any, difficulties.

Luton and District Model Boat Club is fortunate that we have access to excellent sailing facilities in our local Wardown Park. It is with kind permission of Luton Borough Council that we are allowed to sail our models on the waters of Wardown Park Lake. There are however certain conditions that must be adhered to for us to continue enjoying these facilities.

The club rules are divided into three sections. Firstly we have the Rules and Conditions of Membership. This section deals with the administration of the club and the responsibility of the members to ensure the correct, peaceful, financially secure and safe operation of the club. The second section deals with our relationship with Luton Borough Council and our contractural obligations to the Council that allows us access to the park and lake. The final section deals with the Sailing Protocol to be adhered to when sailing.

For online printable copies of the 'Membership Rules', 'Local Council Rules' and the 'Sailing Protocol', please select from the following links.
Membership Rules Local Council Rules Sailing Protocol